Can Such Things Be Front Cover.jpg
Can Such Things Be?
By Lawrence Prestidge
Terror at the Sweet Shop Front Cover.jpg
Terror at the Sweet Shop
By Lawrence Prestidge
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By Lawrence Prestidge
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Chester's Fairground
By Lawrence Prestidge

can such things be?

I'm delighted to announce that my latest book Can Such Things Be? is out now.

Dedicated to the memory of my good friend Thomas-Toki Wartooth Mccall, it is packed with hilarious, revolting and unforgettable rhymes.

From a magpie with a love of all things poop to the ghost of William Shakespeare, readers will meet characters they won’t find elsewhere.

Imaginative, fun and hilarious, Can Such Things Be? is perfect for both reluctant readers and children who love to read. 

Reminiscent of authors such as Roald Dahl and David Walliams, Can Such Things Be? follows the success of my  previous children’s books. It will be enjoyed by young readers aged 7-11 years and those who enjoy humorous poetry.




Terror at the Sweet Shop is my second book and I'm delighted by the reaction that I've had to it.

As regulars of McNulty’s Candy Kingdom, there is nothing Oscar Tarrant and his friends Emma, Reece and Ishy like to do more, than visit after school. Run by its jolly namesake, Mr McNulty – the children are shocked when one day he mysteriously disappears.

Replaced by the horrible Miss Primrose, the four friends now have to find out what has happened to Mr McNulty and see how they can stop Miss Primrose from serving revolting, stomach-churning treats.

Can Oscar and his friends outsmart the new sweet shop owner to restore their favourite place to visit after school?


Max lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin: the Whitfield family. Unfortunately the Whitfields are not the loving family that Max desperately wants and deserves.

Cruel, bossy and lazy, they love nothing more than ordering him about and making his life a misery. One night, he decides that the time has come - he has had enough of being bossed around.

He runs away and heads for the forest, believing that nothing that lives there could ever be as dangerous as the Whitfields. Little does he know that the forest is home to a frightening-looking creature - a nine-foot tall Giant Walpertinger (often called Bigfoot or Sasquatch) named Rolo!

Luckily for Max, Rolo's appearance does not match his kind and gentle nature and the two quickly become firm friends. But Max is a useful asset to the Whitfield family and they will do everything in their power to return him to his life of slavery and deprivation.

In spite of their fear of the forest and the creature within it, the Whitfields devise a plan to bring Max home - but will they outwit Rolo, who understands Max's plight and wants to protect him from them?


Owen Parker is obsessed with video games. None more so than the latest release of the graphic video game 'War Games 5'. Owen has been counting down the days of the release of the video game to only be horrified by its price. 

After failing to convince his parents to 'loan' him the money for the video game Owen decides to run away hoping that this helps them 'reconsider' funding Owen's MUST HAVE.

During his time out of the house, Owen notices a yard sale and is soon handed a free video game 'Chester's Fairground' by a very nervous looking teenager. Owen soon decides to return home where he can try out his new FREE video game by himself. 

But this video game will change Owen's life forever as he enters the world of 'Chester's Fairground' with other children who have also entered the Fairground.

What surprises and secrets does Owen discover along the way?